Our experience and intellectual capital is our main competitive edge. We nurture this precious commodity because our people are the foundation upon which we develop and enable each other’s growth.

We provide experience, strategic direction and active support to all the businesses in which we invest. Our approach is driven by a desire to support managers in improving the way businesses work because we know this is the best way to achieve lasting results and maximise the benefits to all stakeholders in the business. When considering the impact of longevity in an investment we believe that it is all about the strategy of efficiently and effectively moving our target businesses towards the achievements of their objectives.



  • We hold integrity at the core of everything we do
  • We honour and respect all stakeholders
  • We take action and are accountable
  • We promote progression and transformation
  • We dive change
  • We are trustworthy and build robust relationships

LDE Water pursues value creation by identifying opportunities in industries where there is potential for growth and optimization.

Our ethos is to make an impact where and when it matters most, to safeguard what has been built to date, stablise the platform for growth, and accelerate sustainable advancement of the water sector in Africa